Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

We outperform by exceeding expectations in our service and supply to the manufacturing industries

Our Vision:

We exist to Enhance Lives

Our Core Values are:

We encourage the use of creativity to develop new ideas and solutions to our business challenges. We expect our people to question our prevailing assumptions and processes in order to produce an environment of continual improvement, agility and streamlined operation. We do not accept problems or complications being communicated within our team without a potential solution or innovative improvement idea also being provided.

We are mindful of our environment and the health, safety and well-being of all people. We value diversity, inclusion and fairness and never exclude or discriminate based on personal differences such as cultural background, spiritual beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation. We do not tolerate racism, sexual, physical, age or gender bias, harassment, exclusion or bullying behavior of any group or any other individual in any form.

We always operate ethically and within the scope of the law. We treat everyone with respect, courtesy and dignity and always demonstrate the highest professional standards. While we always aim for a high level of professionalism and competence, we also pursue fulfillment and enjoyment in everything we do, as these elements are important to a healthy, positive and resilient workplace culture. We do not tolerate lying, deception, unethical business practices or lack of compliance with laws, regulations or our own internal policies.

We are committed to achievement of the essential goals for success of our people, our business and our supply partner’s businesses.  We also recognise that accountability is a critical element in the development of trust and autonomy and is acknowledged as such. We do not accept avoidance of responsibility, excuses for poor performance, lack of punctuality or inattention to important matters.

We value truth and honesty and recognise that is sometimes takes great courage to speak up about things that aren’t right, or to give constructive feedback to another member in the team.  We always listen well and deliver the truth with maturity and in a respectful, concise and articulate manner. We do not tolerate gossip, disrespectful or speculative statements or the dissemination of information which has no basis in truth and fact.

We believe that people working together collaboratively is often more beneficial than working alone.  While individuals might produce individual results, only teamwork creates unified momentum.  We welcome robust and respectful debate when trying to identify improved outcomes to problems or situations, as teams of people don’t generate ideas, it is the individuals in the team that do.  We do not tolerate disrespectful or derogatory language, individualist mentality or any deliberate withholding of critical knowledge, information or data that might adversely impact the performance of our business.

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Indonesia +62 21 3970 0659
New Zealand +64 800 754 767
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